PTO Minutes 2018-09-17

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The group was welcomed by Jaclyn and Brittany.

Attendees were: Jaclyn Cromedy, Brittany Sullivan, Jen Schultz, Greg Curran, Erica Bacich, Lisa Kolar, Megan Crocetti, Ken Meyers, Jane Hyers, Alicia Wolfe, Katie Ting, Bonnie Howe, Natalie Black, Georelle Farward, Brighid Dwyer and Gabrielle Lucas



Dr. Etlen reported that Back-to-School night went very well and that he has some new ideas for next year. He reminded us that Kathie Lu Smith is out, and to be patient with the front office in her absence. It is hoped that she will be back in two weeks. He talked about a new anti-bullying program that the children in grades 2-6 will be participating in called Start With Hello, which addresses social isolation. Information on this program went home this week.



Jen reported that we received our money from the school photographer from last year and also reward money from Amazon Smile.



PTO Welcome Breakfast

The breakfast went well. A lot of volunteers signed up for various events being held throughout the year. Suggestions were given on how to make it better for next year, including more advertising of the event, better descriptions of the events that are asking volunteers, flyers with PTO meeting times, etc. Brighid Dwyer and Gabrielle Lucas volunteered to be the “Welcoming Committee” next year!


Back to School Night

The PTO was successful in gaining some membership at Back to School Night. The 6th grade bake sale did well – made $100. Ideas for next year include selling apparel and more PTO presence.


Back to School Picnic 

The kids enjoyed the back to school picnic. Attendance was lower this year – likely due to weather. Apparel sales raised over $300. Ideas for next year include food trucks and a DJ.



PTO Room Scheduled

Time in the PTO needs to be requested if needed, as other staff use the room.


PTO Mail

Since the PTO Room is not always accessible, it was discussed to have a more organized system for the PTO mail in the mail room adjacent to the office.


Picture Day

Picture Day is Friday, October 5th. Volunteers are needed to help make it run smoothly.


Read-A-Thon Change

Potential changed to Read-A-Thon were discussed, such as changing the date, having the children count books instead of minutes, and displaying reading accomplishments in the school.


Recommendations For A New Robotics Club Teacher

Ms. Lee-Kim leaving Highland was a huge loss. Dr. Etlen is still actively trying to identify faculty members who may be interested in the activities that she once oversaw.


Aquarium Fundraiser

Having a fundraiser with the Camden Aquarium was discussed. In having the fundraiser, Highland would receive $5 from every ticket they sell (tickets will be at a discounted price of $19.00 for children and 23.50 for adults). The Aquarium would set up a unique code for Highland. Highland families would simply log onto and enter their code to receive the fundraising price and print their tickets right at home. Highland can sell tickets for up to 2 months. Tickets are valid for 1 year from the purchase date.


The next meeting is Monday, October 15th at 6:30PM in the library.