Virtual Craft Market 2020

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Welcome to the Highland Elementary Virtual Craft Market

Thank you for supporting the PTO and purchasing a craft bag! Your Highland Husky can make a variety of crafts to gift or keep for themselves! This welcome letter included a list of materials that should be in your bag, an overview of each item and suggestions to make crafting fun and creative! There is another PDF file that has links to instructional videos for each activity (except for the gift bags). You will probably need to copy and paste the http address. Have fun!! Feel free to post your finished products on our Highland Elementary Facebook group – or email with pictures if you would like me to post pictures.

1) Beaded Bracelets
Materials included: stretchy string that is pre-tied and pre-cut; a variety
of packets of beads – each packet will have plenty of beads for 1 bracelet.
Don’t use all of the beads, or your bracelet will be too big!! You can
follow my instructions to create a pattern – or you can make your own
pattern. You can also combine different packets if you want to!

2) Pom-Pom and/or Tassel Key Chains and bookmarks
Materials included: a sandwich ziplock baggie that included a few
bunches of varying colors of yarn, a carboard “pom-pom maker”, a
packet with a few key rings and paper clips. Fluffy yarn makes the best
pom poms – you will need to use a lot to make a big fluffy pom (usually
more than you think). You can use the skinner yarn for the tassels, and
they don’t need as much yarn as the pom-poms. But you can do
whatever you want! You can combine colors or use contrasting colors.
You can attach a pom-pom and tassel to one keychain. You can add
beads to either one also. Tip: the key to the pom pom is making sure
your knot is super tight. You may need a grown-up to help with this
party. It is the only part that my 2nd grade daughter needs help with.

3) Pipe-Cleaner and pony bead snowflakes
Materials included: three pipe-cleaners that are pre-twisted (don’t un-do
them!), pony beads, string to hang. You may use all of the beads, or you
may not. You can use some of these beads for your tassels, or as a fun
accent bead for your bracelets.

4) Paper cut-out snowflakes
Materials included: 8” square pieces of origami paper. If you love this
but run out of paper, you can make your own square paper by following
the instructions in the video.

5) Create-your-own Picture Frames
Included materials: rectangle picture frame, a ziplock baggie of goodies:
different colors/sizes of yarn, gems, stickers (pain snowflakes and glitter
snowflakes and triangles), paper cut-out snowflakes, pom-poms. You
can use all of these materials, or none of these materials. You will most
likely need to use some of your own supplies to finish decorating the
picture frame.

6) Pinecone Bird Feeder
Included Materials: 2 pinecones, green ribbon, birdseed. This will get
messy!! Tip – keep your finished product in the ziplock baggie so that
the seed doesn’t fall off everywhere. And don’t leave it outside – a
squirrel stole ours off our table, minutes after we finished!!

7) Variety of gift bags Use your own supplies, or leftover supplies from
the above crafts (stickers, pom-poms, yarn, etc.) to decorate gift bags to
hold your fantastic gifts you just made!!