PTO Minutes 2016-04-18

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April 18, 2016

Introductions were done.

President’s remarks – PSSAs for grades 3-6 are underway, started last week with English/Language Arts; this week is Math for 3-6 and next week is grade 4 Science on Wed and Thurs.

A special shout out to the parents who volunteered their time to help fix up the gardens at the front of the school: Karin Rosen and her daughters Abby and Meredith, Celeste and Gary Lynch and their son Kevin, Heidi Fitzgerald and her daughters Keira and Calieigh, Jenn Sherwood from the Abington Township Environmental Advisory CouncilThey look excellent and do wonders for the front of the building.

4/26 is a teacher inservice day and there is no school for students, 5/2 is the DARE graduation for 6th grade students, 5/5 is the volunteer appreciation breakfast.

Treasurer report – Vicki handed out the financial report and asked anyone that needs clarification to contact her

Hershey Park – sold 36 tickets, not sure what that means in profits, not what we were hoping for, but there will be a learning curve

Wawa coupons – this fundraising should be for the whole PTO, not just the 6th grade

Outdoor sign still needs cover

Recent events – Science day – was a big success, thank you to parents who volunteered, thank you Vicki for quick reimbursements. Van will resend pictures to Mr. Etlen

Upcoming Events

Spring Fling – doing okay with volunteers, still need more to sign up using signup genius link, have 28 junior/senior high volunteers

  • maybe make announcement to students to remind parents to send in Spring Fling forms (due Fri)
  • forms will also be on PTO website
  • all subcommittees in good shape
  • Club Tabby is donating to prize basket; also doing a vendor table w/ free sparkly hair accessories
  • ice cream will be at opposite end of drive from obstacle course
  • all vendors- tables are $25, must have business liability insurance; past years forms should go in file in PTO room

Race for Education – going great, packets went out, please send them back, due Friday, already some sponsorship money coming in, and post its will go on PTO board; on field day, families are making contributions; getting big stickers for the students and will also give out pencils; 2 separate walks for younger and older students

Field Day – need volunteers for popsicle and water stations. Contact Kristen Lowery to help.

Teacher appreciation luncheon – Wed May4 4th, still need volunteers to help with set up, also need salads, fruit salad and desserts. Cinco de Mayo theme, contact Lesley if you can help, Teachers love this day.

Lee’s hoagie fundraiser – April 25th, can order all day and money goes to the PTO. Get lunch, have your office order.

Jules/Uswirl fundraiser – need vouchers, May 17th

Multicultural night – still need people for tables, and for pot luck. Some have donated money instead of making a dish to share which is great, but we need more food, too. Link to sign up on Highland page. There are no guidelines for having a table, can do posterboard, have books, pictures, dress up, etc. Question about passports and stickers and who is providing.

After school activities – planning this for next year; we have Zumba for girls, would be good to have something for boys, focus on younger grades. So far, have 2 parents who want to offer a class. One is very low cost, just a few dollars for supplies, other is higher cost. PTO will pay for a portion of cost for scholarship situations, but would need a break in cost in that situation. It it is a parent volunteer, they would need all clearances, but would not need insurance. If it is a PTO sponsored activity, with a parent that has clearances, would not need a staff member on site. Would need to make sure it doesn’t conflict with older grade after school sports if the gym is needed. 

  • Flag Star football did a presentation on what they could offer for after school. It’s a co-ed program that started in DC. Currently have a program after school at Cheltenham. Can be just for fun, or can focus on anti-bullying and be team building, with older kids in a leadership position. Can also be math focused, with kids split up by age, younger kids doing addition, older kids doing geometry. Time is flexible, can be 1 or 2 hours. $40 per child, 6-8 weeks, 1 or 2 times a week; scholarships are possible. About 15 kids per coach, all coaches have clearances and are ex-college football players, former Abington players, teachers. Don’t need a ton of notice to get started. Have insurance.
Open positions – We are still looking for a co-president for next school year. If there is any one that would like to be secretary next year, that would be great, too.

Next PTO meeting is May 9th at 9:00am in the caferteria. This is the last PTO meeting for this school year.