PTO Minutes 2016-09-19

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Welcome and introductions- We would like to give a huge “THANK YOU” to Denise Novick for becoming the new Science Fair Chair. The Science Fair is in January and is an optional event for all students. All science experiments will be displayed and homework passes will be provided to participating students. Mr. Etlen has obtained the local news to report on this event in the past.

A few notes from President and Co-President:

  • Google Drive– For Event Chairs – We are currently placing all documents and fliers on a shared google drive. Please place all fliers and other important documents on the drive. If any questions, please reach out to Jen Schultz @
  • Printing/coping– All chairs, please note that it takes about 2 weeks for items to return from the copy center. Please plan accordingly.
  • PTO Website– Please note that ALL documents from the PTO will be posted on the PTO website for all to view.
  • Classroom Party Reimbursement– Please note that the PTO will not reimburse for items purchased for classroom parties.
  • Husky Happenings– Chairs need to receive a monthly deadline in order to submit information on time.
  • PTO Room– The PTO room will be shared with Title I computer time for students. We will need a PTO schedule when this is implemented.

Principal’s Remarks– Mr. Etlen thanked everyone who attended the Back to School events thus far. He is also looking forward to another Family Fun Night and excited for another school year. He will have a Title I meeting with parents on October 24 at 6pm right before the next PTO meeting. Invites to the Title 1 Meeting will be sent out to impacted families.

Upcoming Important dates:

Picture day- October 7th and Spirit Day- October 13th

Treasurer’s Report– Budgets have all been approved, report will be completed momentarily and sent out with minutes. Pingo night (Family Fun Night) to be held on Oct 21 will be $1 per person playing. Pingo (Highland’s version of Bingo) will start at 5:30pm and is a night for families to mingle and student’s to play with school friends. The 6th grade will also have a pizza fundraiser sale- order forms will be sent out prior to event. Mr. Etlen suggested putting up a sign-up sheet for teachers to potentially get some teachers to help call out Pingo numbers this year.

Review of Recent Events-

  • Welcome Breakfast- There was a great turnout. Next year, Mr. Etlen will be sure to place a sign for parents to enter through the Art Room.
  • Back to School Picnic- Great weather and turnout. Time seems to be a little early; possibly a later start next year.

Other Business

  • Picture Day: October 7th- Fliers and order envelops will be given to the teachers to hand out the Monday prior to picture day. It was discussed that volunteers could bring wipes in order to “clean up” faces prior to their pictures. There was also a question of having class group pictures; but it was noted that the students who are absent that day would not be in the picture. If anyone wants to volunteer to help please email or
  • Kid Stuff Book Sale- Sale will begin September 26th and will end October 10th
  • Library Volunteer Update- We have the most volunteers ever and have most spaces covered. If anyone would like to volunteer, please contact Heidi @
  • Halloween Parade and Party Date- Both Halloween events will be on Halloween, October 31st. The parade will be at 9:15am and the classroom party will be at 2:30pm.
  • Lunchroom seating flexibility- Homerooms are assigned lunch tables and are unable to socialize with other classrooms during that time. A parent was wondering if there could be some flexibility with this; especially during inclement weather when outside recess is consistently lost. Mr. Etlen explained that there is already a 6th grade incentive program regarding seating and they will be able to earn flexible seating. For all students; A “Mix up” Day (flexible lunch seats) was discussed and would align with “No Place for Hate”; but Mr. Etlen would like more information prior to making a decision.
  • Clearances for Volunteers- If any parent needs their clearances; please visit:

Please note that if you have been a resident of PA for 10 or more years; you will not need the FBI clearance. All volunteer clearances are free.

Please note the next PTO meeting will be held October 24, 2016 @ 7:00pm.