Let Us Know What’s Happening

Do you have an event to promote? We can post it here and in the Husky Happenings newsletter. If you have a blurb to include—or a flyer to include-here’s how to make that happen:

  • Send your blurb or flyer to Mr. Etlen (jamesetlen@abington.k12.pa.us) for his approval, with a CC to HH editor John Spie-gelman (spiegs@spiegs.net).
  • Once Mr. Etlen approves your blurb, you’re good to go—it will go into the next edition.
  • Once Mr. Etlen OKs your flyer, please have 375 hard copies printed. (You can fill out an order form—located in the PTO room—for the School District copy service, which takes about a week to copy. Or if you have a laptop or USB-compatible wireless device, you can print from the PTO room printer.) Leave the hard copies on the back counter of the PTO room with a note indicating the date of the Thursday packet in which you’d like the flyer included. Then it will go out on the date you requested.